Neumeric Technologies Corp. has been overwhelmed with exciting new opportunities in the IT arena. We have come to realize that talented resources network and engage with other talented resources. In order to deliver on our promises with our clients we are opening up a Candidate Referral Program. We have on an average over 50 job requirements in the specific niche areas mentioned below. Please join us in assisting quality resources in locating exciting new Technology opportunities. Neumeric Technologies Corp. is currently seeking candidates for the following positions: Software Engineers, Senior Software Engineers, Systems Analysts, Senior Systems Analysts, Computer Programmers/Analyst, Business Analyst, Senior Business Analyst, Scrum Master, Senior Scrum Master to fill multiple positions with different experience and education levels in Westerville, Ohio; Southfield, MI, and various unanticipated locations throughout the U.S. Some positions require a Bachelor's Degree and experience; other positions require a Master's Degree and experience. These positions report to Sudheer Gaddam, CEO & Founder of Neumeric Technologies Corporation.

If a candidate is sent by the referring party to Neumeric Technologies Corp. and the candidate is hired by Neumeric Technologies Corp. for a project (contract position), Neumeric Technologies Corp. will provide the referring party a referral fee of $500.

To participate:Please email and with the following:

Subject: Candidate Referral and name of the referred candidate In the body of the email: The name of your referral(s) and the referred candidate's skill set, email and phone #. Additionally, please provide your phone and email address.

The referred candidates must remain on the project for minimum 30-45 days for Neumeric Technologies Corp. to pay referral fee. Please contact our office staff for further details.